Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hiking and camping with my family

We just had a very wonderful hiking trip last week. That was a superb outing for me because I saw fireflies for the first time! No kidding! They are so beautiful and cute and I would very happy if I have it at my home. But dad said it won`t do because fireflies won`t really like our house`s environment. Yeah, I won`t blame those fireflies for not be able to live with us. There is no place for wild animals or even pets in our apartment. All I can see are just tall buildings. That`s why dad took us hiking last week where we stayed in a camping site. That was something new, a really fun activity and best of all; you can become healthier and happier by going hiking 

For the hiking trip dad bought us a new tent, but my hiking boots have seen better days, thus I could also have used new hiking boots. We used the tent for our weekend trip and now it looks dirty. It is full of soil, dirt and leaves. And that what makes dad`s order seems understandable; he asked us all to do some tent washing so the tent will be clean to be used for our next hiking trip. So, we will go camping again next month? I can`t be happier than that!

Why tent care is important?

Well, dad is truly a persuasive person. He doesn`t yelled at us to do the cleaning and washing; he use the words ‘we will go hiking again next month’ instead so we can`t whine to do the chore because he absolutely know I and my sister really like going hiking, and camping. So, why are tent care treatments important? Here`s what dad said about it.

·         It will make our tent look gorgeous again
·         The tent will be clean with no bacteria or mold that can cause us sick
·         It will make the tent long lasting

So, it`s time to do some chores

Dad brought the tent to our balcony. He set the tent up on our apartment`s balcony and handed us sponge, glove and boot. Time to break a leg I think. Mom sprays the water on it and we start to scrub the soiled area all over the tent with the sponge. After all areas are clean, dad rubs kind of non-detergent soap on it and we scrub again for the second time. This time is more fun because we got bubbles. Yeah!

After that, mom sprays the water all over our tent to rinse it thoroughly. Don`t worry, we won`t make neighbor`s balcony wet because we have sort of own water installment that will make the water on our balcony goes to building`s water waste tank. After that we let the tent dry by the sun while we have some delicious cheese cookies from mom. I don`t like to do chores actually but since we will go camping again, I am willing to make this tent beautiful again so we can bring it next month.

Camping is really fun activity. You have to trust me. If you haven`t gone camping in your live, then you should ask your parents to go on a hiking trip. But remember, you need a decent pair of hiking boots for safe walking in the wilds. If you can’t go camping in the wild then make pretend and set up the tent in your backyard, it will be cool, too. Happy camping!


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