Thursday, April 30, 2015

Weight loss tips

We all know that losing weight isn’t an easy task , it may takes months or even years until you see actual results, but in the end you’ll see results if you stick to a proven and effective plan. If you are having trouble losing weight or just aren’t motivated enough then finding something fun to do whilst losing weight, this could be anything you like. For example, watching a movie you like whilst running on the treadmill or taking your dog for a run, etc. Doing something you like whilst exercising not only motivates you but helps you develop a habit.

At first you’ll feel as if it is tiring and a waste of effort but as time goes on you’ll be rewarded, you’ll be more confident in yourself, you’ll find more lively and full of energy, you’ll feel new. Exercising and losing weight can also help reduce symptoms related to obesity such as diabetes, for that reason losing weight should be a necessity. Losing weight is actually easier than you think, you don’t need to sacrifice your chocolate or never eat junk food again , those are all stereotypes people believe will help them lose weight. All you need to do is cut down a bit on your intake of unhealthy food, do a little more exercise when you’re not doing anything and you’ll see results. Here are a few tips you should consider if you’re really considering losing weight:
  • ·         Drink plenty of water
  • ·         Cut down on salt intake
  • ·         Ear smaller meals
  • ·         Do daily exercise
  • ·         Sleep properly
  • ·         Eat more protein
  • ·         Don’t starve yourself on foods you like , instead reward yourself in small quantities
  • ·         Drink Green Tea 
Here are just a few weight loss tips that you should consider, like I said if you are really passionate about losing weight , be sure to stick to a plan , don’t give up and you’ll be rewarded.


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